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WAB Learns

MS WEIRD: Reading Activities

Middle School WAB Extended Independent Reading Days

Read Aloud to your students

Book Bentos

Judge a book by its cover

Read a Picture Book

  • Grab a pile of picture books from the library 
  • Read aloud to students


  • Give them to students to read


  • Ask students to record themselves reading them aloud for younger students

Read in the dark

  • Put all the lights out
  • Give students flashlights
  • Let them get comfortable and read in the dark


  • Read aloud to them in the dark

Stereotyping Scavenger hunt

Play a Scavenger Hunt type game but using stereotypes
Send students on miniature scavenger hunts with a list of things such as:

  • an ugly graphic novel 
  • a book that's thicker than 2 inches
  • a picture book with yellow on the cover
  • a bookmark
  • a reference book that cannot be checked out
  • a book with a soppy cover
  • a very thin book
  • a book boys will hate
  • a book written after 2017
  • a book written before 2000
  • a book written in their home language etc.

We’ve done a few different scavenger hunts through the years, and my goal was to help them realize all that our library has to offer while playing a game.

Pictionary or Charades

  • For these games, you will need to write book titles or subjects onto slips of paper.
  • Put them into a bag or an envelope.
  • Divide the class into teams.
  • Have one student pull out a slip of paper.
  • If you are playing Pictionary the student will have to try and draw what is on the paper and the students have to guess the Genre or Dewey category the book or topic goes in (not just what they are trying to draw). So if they are drawing a church the answer will be the 200’s category or Religion.
  • For charades, the student will have to act out what is on the paper and other students will try to guess the Dewey or Genre category.
  • Of course, students will likely get very excited and boisterous while playing these games, so plan accordingly! 

Fiction nonfiction fortune teller

Game of Quotes (BYOB)

Book Speed Dating

Book Blurb Skit

  • In groups of 2 or 3 students select a book based on its cover, or a book they've all recently read.
  • As a group they read the blurb or summary
  • Groups are given 5-10 minutes to come up with a 2 minute skit based on the book.
  • Groups perform the skit to the whole group

Musical Chairs (with books)

Musical books is fun;

  • put books out on chairs and play music like musical chairs.
  • When the music stops, students sit on a chair and
  • read the book on their chair for 5 min.

Change your voice

Prepare for summer

Students make a list of the books they'd like to read during the summer break

They plan for 

  • When
  • Where
  • How

they will read the books. 

Students familiarise themselves with Overdrive / Sora and Epic Books to be able to read books while travelling. 

Book Jeopardy