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G06: PHE Endurance Athletes: Home

G6 PHE Unit

Statement of Inquiry

swimming bannerStatement of Inquiry

The interaction between people and environment affects choice. 



  • What is the process of swimming in any stroke?
  • What is rhythm and timing in swimming?
  • What are 5 common errors in swimming freestyle?
  • How do you create a swimming plan?


  • Which swimming stroke is more effective?
  • How can we keep ourselves safe in, on and around water environments?
  • Does swimming efficiently vs swimming harder increase speed?


  • Does keeping ourselves safe on the water mean I have to be a good swimmer?

Global Context: 

Human Capability & Development  

Key Concept:


Related Concepts:

Movement & Refinement



Students will learn basic aquatic terminology, as well as developing an understanding of basic swim strokes. Students will also work with a swim coach to create a plan, build knowledge and reflect on their learning

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Luna Wang