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G06: ARTS - Theatre: Voice

Vocabulary - Voice

Pitch:  How high or low the voice is.

Range:  The distance between your lowest and highest notes.

Pace:  The speed you speak at.

Projection:  Making sure everyone can hear you without yelling.

Resonance:  A deep, full, and reverberating sound in the voice.

Volume:  How loud or quiet the voice is.

Emphasis:  Special importance, value, or prominence given to a word or phrase.

Enunciation:  How clearly a person says a word and how clearly each sound is made.

Tone:  The way someone is speaking – the underlying meaning.

Pause:  A brief silence, used to enhance meaning and/or build tension.

Articulation:  The physical act of using your tongue, jaw, teeth, lips, and palate (roof of your mouth), and breath to create the sounds. Forming clear and distinct sounds in speech.