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G07: L&L Power of Persuasion: Home

Statement of Inquiry

power of persuasionStatement of Inquiry

We can use rhetoric to inspire others in persuasive ways.



  • What is ethos, pathos and logos?
  • What is rhetoric?
  • What is a good structure for a speech?


  • How do we see elements of ethos, pathos and logos around us?
  • How does advertising use ethos, pathos and logos?
  • Which literary devices help us to be persuasive?
  • How does a speech make our words more persuasive?


  • Is it more persuasive to appeal to people's minds or people's hearts?
  • Does an understanding of persuasive techniques help us think more critically?

Global Context: 

  • Identities and relationships  
  • Personal efficacy and agency; attitudes, motivations, independence; happiness and the good life

Key Concept:

  • Communication

Related Concepts:

  • Audience imperatives
  • Purpose

Teacher Librarian / Technology Integrator

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Nadine Bailey


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