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MYP Unit Planning

Curriculum Development IS Professional Development

  • Curriculum review is a coordinated, supported, articulated process
    • Units must not be replaced without working with the Coordinator
  • Collaborative planning improves learning experiences through purposeful & intentional attention to learning
    • Standardization is the a cycle of planning, teaching, assessment and collaborative evaluation
    • Planning is supported by coordinators, coaches, colleagues, teacher-librarians and tech integrators

​Quick Strategies To Make A Difference In Units:​Icons by user Eucalyp on Flaticon. 

Reflective Questions

  • What are our expectations for learning for this unit? 
  • What opportunities for learning (and experiences) are we creating with this unit?
  • How does this unit fit in the wider, articulated curriculum story of our learners? 
  • How does this build on what students know and can do? How do we know this? 
  • How are the Key & Related Concepts helping shape knowledge & skills? 
  • How does the Global Context drive inquiry in our international school setting? 
  • How does this unit effectively teach/improve ATL skills?