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Resources & Ideas for self-directed professional learning, from short courses & digital badges to longer online courses.

Self-Directed Professional Learning


From short badges to deeper courses, learning online can help you take control of your own professional growth. When you're thinking about making professional learning choices, think about: 

  • What do I need for my day-to-day job? 
  • What do I aspire to being able to do? 
  • Is there anything I'm doing that I "just know" could be better (or made easier), but I'm not sure how? 
  • What are my mid to long-term growth goals? 
  • What are some tools I have that I would like to use better? 
  • What have I seen others doing that I'd like to learn about? 
  • Who could help me? Who can I connect with? 


Short, specific, online content to develop targeted skills. 1-2 hours or less. Great for learning tech skills or getting new ideas.




Online courses to develop skills & knowledge. Sometimes free. From a few hours to a few weeks.



"Massive Open Online Courses" developed by universities. Some offer free content but certificates with a fee after testing.