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WAB Faculty & Staff

Learn Online: MOOCs

Resources & Ideas for self-directed professional learning, from short courses & digital badges to longer online courses.

Why Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)?

MOOC stands for massive open online courses. There are a variety of MOOCs on offer, ranging from free courses offered by universities and colleges around the world, to paid courses and some include a hybrid of paid and free content. After registering, you can usually work at your own pace, watch lectures and lessons, complete assignments, and take exams. Some courses follow a schedule, particularly those resulting in some form of certification. 

The benefits of MOOCs include:

  1. Offer a variety of subjects
  2. Let you test out a subject or area of interest 
  3. Bring you up to speed or refresh your knowlege in a specific domain
  4. Open to global participants in a variety of languages
  5. No barrier to entry
  6. Boost your job applications and career prospects

Popular providers

To get started, check out the most popular MOOC platforms and search for courses. On these MOOC websites, some courses are credit-eligible (for a fee) while others offer a verified certification (for a smaller fee). 

Evaluation platforms

Before you decide to sign up for a MOOC it is a good idea to get a feeling which MOOC would best suit your needs, what is on offer and an external evaluation. Here are some places you can go to achieve this.

Popular courses

Below are some suggestions of MOOCs that have been tried out by the WAB community. Feel free to contact the recommender for more details.