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MS Poetry: Resources


Academic Poetry Hyperdoc

Poetry Hyperdoc created by:  Kevin Feramisco

Background Images:  Unsplash

HyperDocs created by: Lisa, Kelly, and Sarah

Discussion Guide

Ask These Questions: 

  • Is the poem interesting
  • Is it melodic?
  • Does the poem say something?
  • Does the poem make you feel something?
  • Is it specific? (Show. Don’t tell.)
  • Does the poem have power or beauty? (It should have one of these.)

Use these Discussion Stems To Agree:

  • I agree with what you said because…
  • I feel the same and I might add…
  • Do we all agree?
  • Does anyone have anyone add to this?

To disagree:

  • I might disagree because….
  • Let me explain why I see it differently….
  • I think the author might be trying to say….

Connect to the poem:

  • I enjoyed this poem because….
  • This poem makes me think of/reminds me of…
  • I relate to the ideas in the poem because.....
  • I felt similar to the narrator when…
  • This poem is similar to another text...

Express understanding:

  • The real meaning of the poem may be…
  • Figurative language is __ and it represents __
  • When the character does __ It really means __
  • The specific words that the author uses to convey __ are __
  • The tone that comes through the poem is..

From the hyperdoc of  Lisa Guardino