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MS Poetry: Visiting

Biography Spoz

SpozSPOZ…because it’s easier than his real name, ‘GIOVANNI ESPOSITO’ and happens to be the bit between the ‘E’ and the ‘ito’ (sort of).

SPOZ…is an award winning performance poet, singer / songwriter, film maker, playwright, carp re-upholsterer and is the poet-in-residence at Birmingham City FC. He has been seen on BBC Television, has been heard on BBC Radio Four, Radio Five Live, Radio West Midlands, Radio Coventry & Warwickshire, Capital Gold and on the toilet. Spoz has performed at the Glastonbury festival, Cheltenham Literature festival, Warwick Words festival, Ledbury Poetry Festival, Bartons Arms Comedy Club, the Shambala festival and in front of his mom.

SPOZ…was ‘crowned’ Birmingham’s eleventh poet laureate (yes, we’ve had eleven!) in October 2006. He continues to work extensively in schools, lifting the appeal of writing and performing poetry to hitherto, unseen heights.

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