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NoodleTools for Students: Work with Projects

How to Create a New Project

On the Projects screen, click New Project.

New Project

On the Create a New Project screen, provide information about the project:

Create a new project screen

1. Enter a Project title. Enter a brief description that will help you remember the contents or purpose of this project when you see it later among other projects in your account.

2. Select a Citation style. WAB uses MLA9 so please select this. 

3. Select a Citation level. NoodleTools allows you to select between three levels: Starter, Junior and Advanced. These are intended to roughly correlate with a student’s grade level:

  • Starter: Elementary school or middle school EAL learners
  • Junior: WAB Grades 6 and 7 or high school EAL learners
  • Advanced: WAB Grades 8-12

4. Click Submit to create your new project. if you change your mind, click “X” in the upper right corner to return to your Projects screen.


How to Copy a Project

You can create a duplicate copy of an entire project (source list, notecards and outline) in your own folder, or transfer a copy to another NoodleTools user. For instructions on how to copy individual citations, see “How to copy a source reference to another project.”

To copy a project, on the Projects screen, next to your project select the More Options icons (three dots) and Copy.

How to copy a project

To copy more than one project at a time, click the checkboxes to the left of each project you wish to copy. The checkboxes will appear when you mouse-over the small dark-gray rectangle to the left of a project title (or long-press the row on an iPad). A "Projects selected" bar appears at the top. Click "Copy."

On the popup screen, Copy projects, select my own personal folder if you want to duplicate the project in the same folder, or select another user’s folder and enter a personal ID to transfer a copy of the project to another user.

How to Rename Projects

To rename a project, on the Projects screen, next to the project you want to rename, click the "More options" icon (three dots) and select "Rename." You will be prompted to enter a new description for the project. Each project in your folder should have a unique name.

How to Merge a Project

Two or more projects in your account can be merged into a single project. As a safeguard, the original projects you select to merge will also remain in your account unchanged. The new merged project will be added to your account, identified by a new description that you provide.

NOTE: Merging projects with different levels will result in a project set to the highest level (e.g., merging a Starter and Junior project will yield a Junior-level project).

1. On the Projects screen, check the boxes next to the projects that you want to merge. NOTE: All projects must contain source lists of the same style.

2. Click Merge above the projects.

Merging projects

3. Enter a new Project title for the merged project.

4. If you want to prevent duplicate citations from appearing in the new source list, check the box next to Remove duplicate citations from merged project.

5. If the original projects have notecards, decide whether or not you would like those notecards to be transferred to the merged project. By default, Include notecards from original projects (if any) in merged project is checked.

NOTE: Checking both the “remove duplicates” and the “include notecards” options can potentially cause unwanted results. If there are duplicate citations that have different sets of associated notecards, then only one set of those notecards will be transferred to the merged list.

More than one outline from the selected projects cannot be merged. Under Include outline from… select which project’s outline you want to include in the new merged project.

6. Click Submit.

How to Delete or Recover a Deleted Project

One or more projects can be deleted by checking the boxes to the left of the projects on the Projects screen, and click Delete above the projects. The selected projects will no longer appear in your account.

Deleting a project

As a safeguard, NoodleTools does not remove deleted projects. To recover a deleted project, click Undelete.

NOTE TO COLLABORATORS: If you select a collaborative project and delete it from your Projects list, the project is not deleted at all – you are simply removed as a collaborator from that project. The project will still remain visible to your teammates. If you accidentally delete a collaborative project from your folder, ask one of your teammates to re-add you as a collaborator to the project. For more information, see “How to set up a collaboration with your classmates.”