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NoodleTools for Students: Set Up a Collaboration

How to Set Up a Collaborative Project with Your Classmates

In NoodleTools, you can work together with your classmates on a project. You will be able to share source references, notecards, the outline, and the Google Doc linked to the project. You can also exchange comments or questions about the project.

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How to Add a Collaborator to Your Project

1. On the Projects screenClick the "Add" (plus sign) or current icon in the "Sharing" column for the project.

2. In the panel that opens, click the Add student button under "Student Collaboration. You must enter the complete email address of the student ( By default, the student will be a Full collaborator (equal access to edit the project as yourself). If you want the student be able to view your project and add comments, but not be able to add or change anything else, select the Peer-reviewer option.

Choosing a classmate for collaboration

If you need to add more than one collaborator, click Add More and enter the Personal IDs for each one. When you are done adding collaborators, click Done. Click to reload the Dashboard screen. You will now be able to see all collaborators' contributions to the project. 

Choosing a classmate for collaboration


How to Determine What Team Members are Currently Working on the Project

As you work together on a collaborative project, your team members will use their NoodleTools accounts to contribute work or make changes to the project. When another student has the project open, you will see “Who's online” below the top navigation. Click on the link to view who is working on the project. If “Who's online” is not visible, it means that you are the only one currently viewing the project.

Who is online?

How to Know When a Team Member Has Made a Change

When a team member has saved a change (e.g., edited a notecard, deleted a source reference, updated the outline, etc.), other team members will get a green notification at the top of the screen reflecting what has changed.

Notification of a change in the project

Notecards — On the Notecards screen, when the green notification appears (see above image), the title of the modified notecard on the Tabletop will also blink.

As team members make changes to the project, your own screen will update to reflect those changes. On the Notecards screen, the changes on your screen will occur in real-time. For example, as a collaborator moves notecards around on the Tabletop, or into piles, you will see those same changes immediately on your Tabletop. 

Sources — On the Sources screen, like with notecards, a green notification at the top will alert you when a teammate made a change. To view their changes, reload the screen.

How to Find Out What Changes Were Made to the Project

If you were not logged in when changes were made to the project, you can view updates in the Project history log. On the Projects screen, click the date in the "Updated" column. A panel opens displaying a detailed 30-day history of the project, with the most recent events at the top.

To search for a particular citation or notecard, use the browser's search on the terms "citation" or "notecard." This will allow you to browse through all actions related to notecards or citations. You'll notice that work added to the project is highlighted in green and work deleted from the project is highlighted in red.

Project History Log

How to Add or Respond to a Comment or Question About the Project

See the NoodleTools Help Desk tutorial How to Write and Respond to Comments and Questions.”

How to Delete or Recover a Deleted Project

If you are a collaborator on a project, selecting the project and deleting it from your Projects screen simply removes you as a collaborator. The project will still remain visible to your team members.

If you accidentally delete a collaborative project from your folder, you will need to ask one of your team members who still has access to re-add you as a collaborator to the project.