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WAB Leadership Domains & Competencies

Mission-Driven Leadership         Purpose

1. I model and promote WAB’s mission, vision, core values and strategic priorities.

2. I use WAB’s definition of learning to guide curriculum planning, instruction and assessment.

3. I lead with passion and energy to promote gong he spirit in improving student learning.

4. I champion the efforts and achievements of our team members, faculty, staff, students and community.

5. I prioritize actions and collective decision making that centre on student learning and wellbeing.

Relationships & Collaboration         Trust

6. I ensure our team practices reflect a commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and justice.

7. I cultivate inclusive working relationships with staff and students.

8. I develop and practice skills in facilitating and fostering diverse high functioning teams, including leading effective meetings.

9. I empower and support others to take a lead. 

10. I accept decisions made collectively by our team and act accordingly.

11. I foster practices for collaboration that increase teacher and student agency.

12. I develop and practice the skills in collegial coaching and mentoring to support the professional growth of our team.

Communication & Organisation          Clarity

13. I communicate effectively with parents to build positive partnerships that benefit students.

14. I communicate effectively with empathy, respect and intercultural competence.

15. I mediate team conflicts to facilitate a positive resolution for our team and  have timely hard conversations with team members when needed.

16. I use WAB’s technology platforms effectively to store and communicate information.

Leading Innovation & Change          Vision

17. I use qualitative and quantitative data to support changes and decisions around innovative practices.

18. I actively support our team through the process of change.

19. I nurture an environment that is safe for taking risks and trying out new things.

20. I actively keep up to date with the principles and practices of our accrediting agencies.

21. I seek feedback and reflect critically as part of continual improvement and sustainability of my own and our team’s performance.

Adapted in part from the Academy of International School Heads (AISH) Playbook For International School Heads (2019).

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