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Learning at WAB is a transformative process which is intentional and iterativechallenging and joyful, and serves an authentic purpose. WAB's Definition of Learning


FOEN is back! 


The Western Academy of Beijing is nearing the conclusion of the two most innovative accreditation pathways available from our partners in education development: 

Combined, these pathways help us reflect and take action on our innovations in learning and teaching, and our strategic areas of development through Strategy 2022+: I-DEAS & Sustainability. 

This guide presents overviews of developments along each pathway over the last two years. 

Visit dates: 

  • IB-NEASC CLP: Oct 29 - Nov 1 2023
  • CIS Deep Dive Pathway 2: Dec 3-8 2023

Accreditation Presentations 2023

Accreditations & Impact Projects 2022+ Overview

WAB Accreditation 2022-23 by Stephen Taylor

IB-NEASC CLP Intro Presentation from SLT

WAB IB-NEASC SLT Intro Meeting by Stephen Taylor

CIS Deep Dive Pathway #2 Prep Visit Intro from SLT

WAB CIS SLT Intro Meeting by Stephen Taylor