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AI: Ethics

"The transformation of education and research to be triggered by GenAI, if any, should be rigorously reviewed and steered by a human-centred approach." 


Understanding Ethical Issues of AI

Despite the power and potential of AI to transform teaching and learning, it carries significant ethical issues. These should be understood as well as possible before going too far. Resources on this page showcase some of the ethical issues associated. Our approach so far has been guided by publications from UNESCO, UNICEF and more. For the best current overview, see the UNESCO resources to the right of this page. 

Some key issues in AI ethics include: 

  • Equity & Fairness and the human costs of AI
  • Sustainability and the environmental costs of AI 
  • Avoiding Biases & Discrimination
  • Safety & Safeguarding
  • Academic Integrity & Fair Use of Imagery

AI Ethics Resources

AI Ethics in the News

UNICEF - AI & Children

UNESCO Guidance

If you only have time to read one thing, read this guide. 

1. What is GenAI & how does it work?
2. Controversies & Implications for Education
3. Regulating GenAI in Education
4. Towards a Policy Framework for Education & Research
5. Facilitating Creative Use of GenAI in Education & Research
6. GenAI & the Future of Education & Research

The graphics below are adaptations from the Policy section.

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