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AI: Integrity

"Academic integrity is a principle in education and a choice to act in a responsible way so others can trust us. It means conducting all aspects of your academic life in a responsible and ethical manner. The IB expects students to produce genuine and authentic pieces of work, that represent their own abilities." 

IB. 2022

IB Responses to Academic Integrity & AI

The IB was early to make statements about GenerativeAI, and adapt documentation to reflect our new situation. The IB has issued this statement on AI, and here is a short video response from Dr. Matt Glanville (Head of Assessment Principles & Practices), shared as part of FIS's AI Symposium. At WAB, we have updated our Academic Integrity Policy & Guidelines. Please visit the links below for the most recent guidance on Academic Integrity from the IB. 

Academic Integrity in a GenAI World

When we adapt to GenAI use in teaching and learning, consider: 

  • What level of GenAI is acceptable for this task?
  • How will you make expectations clear to learners? 
  • How will drafting, conferencing & feedback support these expectations? 
  • What strategies will you use to promote student voice, agency and ownership? 

Limitations of AI Detectors

WAB's culture of great teaching, inquiry, conferencing, feedback and iteration on student learning means we are well-positioned to know our learners and to support Academic Integrity throughout the learning process. Students and Teachers must work together in alignment with our Academic Integrity Policy. 

  • Students should know that some (imperfect) detection tools for AI are available, and they need to be honest in their drafting and submission processes. 
  • Teachers should not depend on these tools, they are not 100% reliable, and have issues with bias. If you have concerns about Academic Integrity, please work with your programme coordinators and teacher-librarians. 

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