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The resources on this page are curated for the NEASC Panel on Teaching Tomorrow: Unleashing The Power Of AI in Education. During the session, loads of great resources were shared by panelists and participants here, and the recording is here

Feel free to explore the rest of this Guide (top-tab navigation), to see more of our resources and approaches to AI (so far) at WAB. WAB is currently on the IB-NEASC Collaborative Learning Protocol (CLP), using ACE 2.0, and the CIS Pathway 2 Deep Dive (Global Citizenship & Intercultural Learning) pathways for self-study and peer evaluation. 

Some pages relevant to the panel discussion:

Resources compiled by Stephen Taylor, Director of Innovation in Learning & Teaching. Stephen is on LinkedIN here. Find out more about the Western Academy of Beijing here

Accessible Tools for Educators

Some Quick-Try Demos and Tools

Some food for thought in these demonstrations of GenAI. 

Academic Integrity in a GenAI World

UNESCO Guidance

If you only have time to read one thing, read this guide. 

1. What is GenAI & how does it work?
2. Controversies & Implications for Education
3. Regulating GenAI in Education
4. Towards a Policy Framework for Education & Research
5. Facilitating Creative Use of GenAI in Education & Research
6. GenAI & the Future of Education & Research

The graphics below are adaptations from the Policy section.

  • Right-click 'open in new tab' to make larger. 

AI Educators To Follow


How might the ACE 2.0 Learning Ecosystem from NEASC help shape our thinking about adapting to the age of GenAI? Try these two demonstrations of GPT tools at work on the ACE 2.0 documents.