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AI for Students: HS Tiger Blocks

AI For Students: Introduction

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are developing very quickly, and you may be accessing many of them already in your daily life. The resources on these pages are to help you think about AI in terms of ethics, safety, productive uses, future careers & skills and Academic Integrity. 

If you choose to use AI tools, be sure to think first about the safety and ethical implications: 

  • Do you have permission for their use, and are you using them in line with the terms and conditions (many are for 18+)?
  • Do you plan to use the tools for safe, ethical and productive purposes? 
  • How will you acknowledge the uses and limitations of the tools? 
  • Who can support me in understanding the use of these tools and their purposes & limitations?

Use the (If You) USEME-AI Guiding Questions to support your decision-making and work.

Visit the Learn page to find lots of courses and resources for learning about AI, and be sure to explore the Ethics & Integrity page to learn more about the implications of AI and how to make an AI world safer and more inclusive. 


Academic Integrity in an AI World

"Academic integrity is a principle in education and a choice to act in a responsible way so others can trust us. It means conducting all aspects of your academic life in a responsible and ethical manner. The IB expects students to produce genuine and authentic pieces of work, that represent their own abilities." IB. 2022

Quick-Start AI Research Tools

Research Methods

In your assignments, you should include a 'Research Methods' table or description that lists any tools or approaches you used, and how you used them. For example: 

Research Method Purpose and Evidence
PerplexityAI search I used it to start my research on how Marine Protected Zones help meet the UN SDG's, and to find sources. Here is my search link: 
Interview with MsX I had a conversation with my teacher that helped me refine my research question and develop some prompt ideas to use in my research. 


High School Day 9 Tiger Block Workshops

Exploring AI "Art" - Tools, Ethics & Trying It Out

As generative AI tools have become popular, learning to use them takes skills and a new literacy: prompting. With the resources below, you can try some tools and learn to use them for great effect, with responsibility. Images generated with AI cannot be copyrighted. 

The Ethics of AI "Art" Generators

Before you get started on AI image generation, see some of these resources to learn more about ethics, safety, fair use and bias. There have been some significant issues in the news about the work of artists being used to train some of these models. As with all work, you must act with integrity and recognise work that is not your own. 

Some AI "Art" Tools To Try

Other Uses & Demos of Diffusion Models

These demos are on HuggingFace, an open-source AI/ML community with a commitment to inclusion and diversity. Read more about their work to combat bias here, and see their Ethics & Society Spaces here