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Oliver Catalog system: Library Link App

How to set up your account



How Library Link Works

The Library Link screen appears as follows, with the ability to see the Borrow Items, Return Items and Reading Lists, based on whether the library supports the features. The following document takes you through the options step by step.

Set up step by step

Library Link allows borrowers to:
Search for resources and view information about them, such as availability
Scan ISBNs or barcodes to automatically retrieve resources from the system
View the library’s latest resources
View their current loans 
Check their alert messages for overdues and reservations
How to set up Library Link using the QR Code scan option
1. On a device other than the one on which Library Link is installed on, navigate to the home page of your library system and login.
2. Go to My account > My details
My Account
3. Select the Library Link Setup section. A QR code similar to the one indicated is displayed.
QR Code
4. Using the device with Library Link installed, scan the QR Code with Library Link, go to the Library Link Setup screen and press the Scan Setup Code button.
5. The device’s camera should activate. Focus on the QR code with your device’s camera. 
6. Once your device reads the code, the Setup screen will redisplay with all of the fields filled, with the exception of the Password.
7. Enter your standard password used to login to the library system in the Password field.
8. Once all fields are completed, press the Save button at the bottom of the Setup screen.

Library Link instructions