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Oliver Catalog system: How to Search in Oliver

Search for Books

Oliver front page

The front page tells us many interesting things - but it's really important to sign in first - use the first part of your email (before the part) and your email password.

Try doing a "i Guided tour" - it will explain how to use the catalog.

Searching by genre

We have created some genres and some icons for those genres so it makes it easier for you to find books you like.

To search by genre type the genre name in the search box and tick the "genre" field below the search box.



How to use the Search box

Oliver search 1

Did you know you can search in 6 different ways?

  1. You can search for an item anywhere in any of the books - this will result in a large number of items as in this case "dragon" could be the title, the series, in the description, the topic or subject or the Publisher name
  2. Oliver is smart so it suggests alternatives based on popular searches - in this case "dragonslayer"
  3. Search for Dragon as a subject
  4. Search for dragon in a series name
  5. Search for dragon in the publisher's name
  6. Search for dragon in the title

Search 2

Once you've done your search we recommend that you select "Red Scroll Library" under "Branch" to just get the books in our MS Library

Your search has resulted in 133 books - what are the results showing us and how do we now find the book we want on the shelf?

  • The green tick shows the book is available
  • The green box shows the genre location of the book and the Red box tells us where the book is in that section
  • The blue box shows us the order number of the book if it is part of a series 
  • The purple box shows us the call number if the book is a nonfiction book