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WAB Learns

NoodleTools for Students: BlackBelt

How to use Noodletools A student's guide

1. Start

  • Get started, understand Noodletools, 
  • What are citations
  • Vocabulary

5. Green

  • Reference a website
  • Reference a youtube video

2. White

  • Find Noodletools
  • Login
  • Get Help
  • Save

6. Blue

  • Reference a Britannica Article
  • (or a Credo article)

3. Yellow

  • Understand Project
  • Understand Dashboard
  • Share project with an inbox
  • Collaborate 

7. Brown

  • Reference an Image Quest Image

4. Orange

  • Use an ISBN
  • Look up books
  • Reference a book
  • Reference an e-book

8. Black

  • Export your reference to a Word Document