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NoodleTools for Students: Import a Book

How to use Noodletools A student's guide

How to Use WorldCat in NoodleTools

If citing a book or other non-periodical source, use WorldCat (a global catalog of library collections) to import the source information directly into the NoodleTools form. Select ISBNTitle or Author/Editor from the Import menu, enter the search term in the next field, then click Search.

Search window for importing a source from WorldCat

In your search results, select the source you used and click Import selected source. If there are many results, you can further limit your search here by publication date, contributor, or title.

Results of a search of WorldCat

Review the imported data and make corrections where needed. NoodleTools makes an intelligent first pass over the data to auto-correct the imported elements based on the citation style you are working with, but you will often still need to make further tweaks. Click Continue to import the information into the NoodleTools form.

Detail of an import from WorldCat