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G06: PHE Spartans for Life: Introduction

About Spartans for Life

During the Spartans for Life unit, we will put our fitness focus on strength, endurance, speed, and time. Another key focus will be on building relationships with our new cohort of G6 students and navigating safely through the Middle School playground and various obstacles.


Our unit is inspired by the SPARTAN Kids races, which were established following the adult spartan events. The races are developmentally appropriate obstacle courses for children aged 4-14. The aim of completing an obstacle course is to have fun in a challenging environment that often asks participants to work as a team and learn grit and resilience together while conquering individual goals.


We aim to achieve the following outcomes during the unit:

  • Motivate students to think positively and remain resilient through adversity
  • Establish relationships by helping each other and ask for help when needed
  • Understanding that enough rest and sleep, eating a healthy diet, and exercising helps to keep our bodies strong
  • Become aware of current abilities and areas of possible improvement
  • Setting goals to be the very best version of themselves


Students will get to know different obstacle courses throughout the unit and eventually create their own as a group of students. At the end of the unit, they will introduce their homeroom to their obstacle course, and they will race through it in teams.