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The Western Academy of Beijing realizes that, as global citizens, we have a responsibility towards the world around us that extends outside the classroom. Being global citizens is about making a difference.

Global Citizenship & Community Engagement Program at WAB

WAB Definition of Global Citizenship

At WAB we believe that we are all global citizens and our decisions today impact future generations. A successful global citizen is aware of and seeks to understand pressing global issues, furthers social justice, respects and engages with diverse cultures and identities, lives in harmony with nature, and recognizes a responsibility to take action in local and global contexts.

Opportunities to Make a Difference

Purpose and Expectations: Infinity Week is a chance for students to reflect on the things that they enjoy doing; that they are good at or would like to get better at, but also have some positive impact on the community, the environment, society. Together with a group or a partner, students should think about what they might enjoy Doing, Learning, Creating or Taking Acting On. The project can be a creative one, an athletic one or as part of a club or an engagement with a community partner to participate in community service. The project can take place on campus or off campus. Each group will have a Teacher Mentor to help guide students through the Project Tasks, Planning and Presentation.

Learning Outcomes: Each project must address at least two of the IB CAS Learning Outcomes. Learning Outcomes - CAS - WAB Learns at Western Academy of Beijing

Types of Projects : There are two types of projects available

Off Campus Community Partner projects. These projects involve visiting a WAB community partner and working on a project together. Each of these projects are global service projects which follow the learning outcome: Global Significance. There is no proposal necessary for this option. You may choose one of the following:

  1. Working with a hearing-impaired bakery
  2. Working with a local animal shelter
  3. Working with local zero-waste organizations
  4. Working with a children's hospital
  5. Working with biodiversity and urban farming

See the descriptions of these project attached. Make sure to contact Ms. Crouch right away if you are interested in this option. Space is limited!

On Campus Student or Teacher Designed projects. Students and teachers can design their own projects by making a proposal based on the following expectations. Only projects that are well-structured, thoughtful, connected to learning outcomes and have some positive impact on the community will be selected. Maximum number of students per project is 5. Additionally, students can work independently. Use the instructions below to develop your proposal.

  1. What is the title and description of your project?
  2. What are the goals of your project? What product will be produced?
  3. What are the learning outcomes you have identified to reflection on throughout the project?
  4. What are the needs you have identified to base the project on?
  5. What is the community impact of this project?
  6. What is the timeline and tasks for this project?
  7. What materials and resources are needed for this project?

Overview of Global Citizenship Program

Global Citizenship Coordinator