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HS Global Citizenship: Whole School Celebrations - Day X

The Western Academy of Beijing realizes that, as global citizens, we have a responsibility towards the world around us that extends outside the classroom. Being global citizens is about making a difference.

What is Day X?

In addition to cross-bridge collaboration opportunities between the HS and MS students during Day 9, Day X enables whole school connections from EY/ES to HS/MS. Each division will be off timetable for the entire day with the goal of building community and partnerships through a variety of events and activities. Day X and whole school celebrations throughout the year are:  

  • Day X: Sept 21 WAB celebrates UN Peace Day and showcases how our students and community partners make a difference in the world through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

  • Day X: Feb 8 the whole school will celebrate Spring Festival and engage in activities that focus on Chinese Culture.  

  • During the week of March 11, WAB will showcase our rich cultural and linguistic diversity through a variety of events culminating in the Asian Night Market. Students, faculty/staff and community members are encouraged to host a market stall that presents elements of their culture.  

  • Day X: April 22 Earth Day events will be held and our commitment to sustainability will be highlighted