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MS Library: MS I-DEAS



I-DEAS at WAB stands for: Inclusion through Diversity, Equity, Anti-Racism & Social Justice

 Inclusion at WAB

Diversity at WAB

Equity at WAB

Anti-Racism at WAB

Social Justice at WAB


Find our library reading list on books on I-DEAS here.

Some non-fiction books on I-DEAS at Red Scroll Library

Some fiction books on I-DEAS at Red Scroll Library

E- Books on I-DEAS

Find a collection of books, audio books and videos on Epic. 

You can log in as an educator/student. MS library class code is wcs9886. 

  • Locate your account by searching for your student number. Your reading record will be saved under your account.

  • Couldn't find your account? No worries, scroll down to choose GUEST to start your reading.


I-DEAS Books