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Microsoft Teams: Assignments

A guide to Microsoft Teams

New Assignment features

Create Assignment

Draft Assignment

3. How can I make an assignment go out or close at a specific time, automatically?

In your assignment Click “Edit” like the screenshot below to modify the timeline for the assignment.



PD on teams quizzes & other assessments by Simon Furmston

5. Is there a way to see all assignments at a glance?

You can see all assignments at a glance and know who has turned them in and who has not for all assignments by student.

Go to Grades tab under General and it’s easy to check all the assignments. Blank means not turned in yet.

Overview of Assignments and Grades

Edit Assignment

NOTE: You can't edit the original resource template you sent to the students (e.g. Powerpoint / document) - you'll need to change it in each student's copy - better to delete the assignment and re-set it if there's a major change.

Post Assignment to a Channel

Assignment return/Feedback cycle


OneNote and Self Assessment

Importing Rubrics into Assignments

Insert a form or quiz into One Note