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Microsoft Teams: Engaging & Assessing

A guide to Microsoft Teams

Teams Class Settings

2. The class materials folder has disappeared

The class materials folder has disappeared on my iPad or Android mobile devices.What should I do?

This is a bug on mobile devices. If you can get to a laptop or desktop, you can move your files into another read-only folder.

See this "How To" from James

4. How can I mute a student in the Post tab?

If a student is posting too much, you can control their ability to post.

Click “Manage Teams”  and check the box to mute student.

11. How can I remove students from a class in my Teams?

I have students who are no longer in my class, but still in Teams. Also, how can I change their status to guest?

There is no difference between student accounts or guest accounts in Teams, so don’t change the role to guests.

If you want to remove students from a class in your Teams: Select “Manage Team” and click “X” to remove student from the list.


if you remove a student who has submitted work for grading and the work has been graded, their name is no longer visible in the team.

Their name will also NOT appear in the grades tab.


16. How to check the log student using Teams in my class?

Select your teams and click in “manage teams” under “…”. Then you can find all the log information from “Analytics” tab.

Insight features

Class Notebook

Interactive lessons with OneNote

6. Why does my video take so long to load and play in Teams?

Make sure to convert the video to a small size so everyone can see it faster. Not everyone has a high-speed internet connection. 

For short videos, say 30 seconds, it really should be less than 10 mb. Longer videos could be up to 50 mb. Shoot for small sizes of 10 to 50 mb. Make sure they save in .mp4 format

You can find a How To to compress large videos below. 

7. Can I make a screencast directly in teams

12. I have problems editing PDFs in Notebook

Q: When I insert a PDF Print-out into a Notebook page, why I can’t modify the page?

You can draw on the page but you cannot edit the text in a PDF. PDFs cannot be modified or collaborative edited. Files and app types which support direct editing, as well as collaborative editing include: Powerpoint, Word, Sway and Forms

15. How to prevent students muting or deleting other students in a meeting

  • First create the meeting in Calendar. After you've created the meeting you go back and can change the Meeting options.
  • You should make all students as attendees to join the meeting so they don’t have permission to change the setting to the others.
  • Please Click into Meeting options when you go to the meeting detail from your calendar like the screenshot below.
  • Then change the setting to “Who can present” to “Only you”.
  • In this case, we can make all students as attendees by default.
  • You can have a co-presenter BUT this is only an option if your meeting is not scheduled in a specific channel

Note: the original idea and screenshot is provide by Lindsey Devillier from Beijing World Youth Academy. Thanks for sharing

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