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Microsoft Teams: OneNote Class Notebook

A guide to Microsoft Teams

Assessments in Class Notebook

Interactive lessons with OneNote

Using OneNote in the classroom

Included in this video are ideas for:

  • Breakout rooms
  • Student Portfolios
  • Assistive technology

Open-up Resource Notebooks

OneNote and Self Assessment

Report OneNote Issues

Normally, the syncing feature should be working on both OneNote app and OneNote online. However there are currently some “page distribution” issues for OneNote online, and the Microsoft product team has been working on it.

We recommend you therefore use the OneNote APP (make sure you have the latest version 16.37 - May20) and you encourage students using OneNote in Teams to "open in APP". 

If you have an error message on OneNote online  please take down the time and take a screen shot of the session ID. Send this to IT support to contact Microsoft product team to check from the backend.


Benefits of using OneNote Class Notebook

Insert a Form into One Note

Trouble Shooting

Despite our best intentions there are times when OneNote does not perform as desired. Below you will find a couple of the most common issues teachers/students may encounter and proposed solutions or ways to prevent them.

1. OneNote will not open in the browser

  • Check that either Chrome or Edge are set as default - OneNote will not open in Safari
  • Open in the app instead

2. I do not see the same documents as my teacher / colleague / fellow student

  • Make sure that any open OneNote notebooks are SYNC'd and CLOSED - until this has happened the latest changes will not be visible in TEAMS or the BROWSER. This is particularly important when
    • More than one teacher is working on a Notebook in the app
    • Students are working on assignments in the Notebook app

3. My notebooks are very slow

  • Remember to sync all open notebooks regularly, and to also close them at least once a day - if there too many changes that haven't been sync'd it takes a long time for the sync and upload to occur and you may lose data
  • Make sure you don't put too many images or videos on a page - the rule of thumb is "less is more" bloated pages take long to load and often crash
  • Make sure you have the latest / current version of the App and it's updated regularly

4. I get a page "conflict" error

  • These occur when two people are working on the same page and have not sync'd the page. In meetings or planning sessions agree who will be taking notes, and make sure to sync and save regularly.
  • Delete the page with the duplicate or conflicting information that is incorrect.

OneNote Logistics

Activate your notebook

How to add a co-teacher to a class notebook

2. Select "Add or Remove Teachers"

OneNote Class Notebook Options

3. Add teacher(s) by name or email address. Remove teacher(s) by selecting their name.

4. Confirm the list of teachers with access to your class notebook.

5. Select Update.

The teacher(s) you added will receive an email with a link to their notebook.


Best Practice for Syncing Notebooks

Webinar - OneNote during online learning

See the section of Esam Baboukhan (starts at 18min 21 sec). He divides his lessons for online learning into:
  • Starter
  • Lesson Plan
  • Lesson Checklist (tickbox and comments)
  • Lesson Review (incl. braindump)
  • Self & Peer assessment before assignments are submitted

Using Emojis In OneNote