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Microsoft Teams: Meeting

A guide to Microsoft Teams

New Meeting Options and Settings

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Sharing Your iPad Screen in a Teams Video Meeting

Whilst it is possible to join a Teams video meeting directly from your iPad and then share your screen, this means that other meeting participants cannot see you. They only can see whatever you share.   In order to enable both

  • Log into your Teams account from both your laptop and your iPad
  • Share your iPad screen once you are in a video meeting BUT before any other participants join

To do this:

  1. Sign into your Teams account on your laptop.
  2. Sign into your Teams account on your iPad.
  3. Set up and join a Teams video meeting on your laptop
    On your laptop, turn your cam and mic ON
  4. Join the Teams meeting from your iPad
    On your iPad, turn your Audio Speaker OFF
    Turn your iPad volume DOWN (i.e. MUTE)
  5. On your iPad, share your screen:
    Share à Share screen à Start Broadcast
  6. Swipe to whatever you want to share on your iPad
    Explain Everything would be perfect for this!
  7. Other meeting participants can now join.

‚ÄčNOTE 1:  To stop the screen broadcast on your iPad, go to the Control Centre and press the “stop recording” button (a flashing red solid circle inside a larger red circle)

NOTE 2:   If a participant joins a meeting before you have started sharing your iPad screen, they might see the camera of your iPad (e.g. staring up at the ceiling) instead of your face on your laptop webcam.  To rectify this, on your laptop, turn your webcam off and then on again. This will then replace your ceiling with your face!

As the host (on your laptop), you will see:

            Main screen:               Shared screen from your iPad

            Mini screens:              Your webcam & participants’ webcams

As a meeting participant, you will see:

            Main screen:               Shared screen from the host’s iPad

            Mini screens:              The host’s webcam & other participants’ webcams

Setting up meetings with individual students and their parents




Family team meetings 1

Family meeting 2


family meeting 4

We suggest you add the following text inside the meeting notes / Agenda:

Joining a Teams Meeting as a guest:

Suggested meeting topics:

1.How are you and your family doing? 
2.What has been positive for you and your family about our online learning experience?

  • What has surprised you about online learning – something you were worried about, but has gone well?
  • What positive parts of online learning would you like to see us continue when we return to campus?

3. What has been challenging for you and your family about our online learning experience?

  • What have you learned about yourself during online learning?
  • What character strengths could you be focusing on to help right now?

4. What is your family excited about in the next 2-3 weeks?

5. What is your family worried about in the next 2-3 weeks?

6. What questions might you have?

Team Meetings

2. Set up a meeting in calendar and invite everyone. Also make sure you put an announcement in the Closure Forum.

3. If you are missing people they can be added while the meeting is in progress by clicking on "participants" and adding their name

4. Please record all meetings for students who are not present

5. For child safety procedures, please do not have one-on-one meetings with students without another student or adult present or at least in the background

6. Use the Blur function and suggest your students do likewise for privacy


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