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Microsoft Teams: FAQ

A guide to Microsoft Teams

What if I cannot use the microphone, camera or present?

Please go to your system preferences and make sure that in the PRIVACY section Microsoft Teams is enabled for all the following:

  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Screen Recording

How do I get Teams to show up in the Dock on the computer?

Open up Teams, right click on the icon in the dock>click Options> Keep in Dock.

Video and Audio on Teams

Teams is base on windows so it will only allow allow  .mp3(audio), and .mp4(video) to play on Teams directly. If you upload some Mac format file likes .aiff(audio) or .mov(Video), the end users have to download the file to their Mac first and then play from their device.

Note: If students are using Windows to access to Teams, pls ask them to use VLC media player to play the .aiff or .mov file on their Windows devices.

How can I access the Office 365 resources from public devices?

 I didn’t bring my own laptop when I left school. How can I access the Office 365 resources from public devices?

You can access Office 365 with any browser from the link below:

Note: Make sure to use the incognito browser to login to Office 365 like the screenshot below and sign out your account before you leave. This is critical for security.


Checking for Updates

Share System Audio

How can I manage notifications in Teams?

Go to the Post tab 

  • click “…”, then
  • click  “Channel notification” and
  • decide what kinds of notification setting you want to apply for your Team.

How can I upload a file to File tab on from my iPad or phone?

The upload icon is missing on mobile devices. Go into the channel you want the file to appear in.  Go to Post and attach the file when you post a message like the screenshot below, then you will find the file upload on the file tab for that channel under Files.



How can I use Private Channels?

Private Channels can be used to build a private place in Teams for teacher content.

Or better yet, it allows teachers to create small groups of students who can work independently as a group.

Select your Team 

  • click into “Add Channel”,
  • give the channel a number.
  • Under then privacy tab, choose “Private”, after that,
  • add the member in this private channel.

Only people in the private channel ever see the channel. Nobody else even knows it’s there.

If you make a private channel just for yourself, you can put files and other items in and nobody else will see them.