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WAB Blogs: Images and Media

Tutorials and instructions on how to use WAB's self-hosted WordPress Blogs.

Adding media to your blog

You can upload pretty much any file to your blog, but not all display the same way. These tips will help you effectively upload different files. 

Adding Images to a Post

To upload an image to a post follow the instructions below:

  1. Add or edit a post.
  2. Click Upload files.
  3. Drag and drop or if you are on a phone or tablet, tap ‘Select files‘ and choose the picture from your photo library.
  4. Click ‘Insert into Post’.

Link to an Image

Sometimes you might want to link to an image in your image library as opposed to actually embedding the image in your post.

  1. Upload the image to your blogs media library
  2. Open your media library and double click the image
  3. From the right hand side, copy the image URL
  4. Create the hyperlink where you would like it to be.

Creating Image Galleries

Uploading a Gallery (with Add Media)

This will show you how to upload a gallery onto a WordPress site (blog) using the “Add Media” button.

You can also follow the steps as below:

Step 1: Add a new post.

Step 2: Add media.

Step 3: ‘Create Gallery’ by ‘Select Files’.

Step 4: Tap on the files and click ‘Choose’.

Step 5: When uploading finished, click ‘Insert into post’.

Step 6: Make the Gallery Settings base on your demand.

Step 7: Enter the title of your post, add some introduction about your post if you need, choose the categories, always ‘Preview’ your post before you publish it. ‘Publish’ at last.

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Taking a Screen Shot and Uploading to a blog.

1. Open your document.

2. Use the zoom on the bottom left so that your document fills as much of the screen as possible. If your document is too large to fit on the screen, you should probably save it as a PDF instead and upload to your blog that way. 

3. Hold down Command, Shift and then press 4-you should see the pointer change into a target. 

4. Click and drag the target around what you want to take the screen shot of. 

5. You will here a click like a camera when you finish the click and drag. 

6. Open your blog. 

7. Click on  “Add New Post” from the top menu.

8. Give your post a title. 

9. Click the ‘Add Media’ icon as shown in diagram 1. 

10. Drag your image on. 

11. Choose the image size and placement . If you want to add a caption, write it in the “caption” box. (See diagram 2) 

12. Click “insert into post”

13. Choose a category and publish. 


Embedding Video into a Post

Embedding a video directly into your blog or any other site that supports it is definitely the best way to go. An example of an embedded video is the one you see below here. The actual video is being hosted on our school’s media server, Tiger Tube even though you are watching it on iHelp. 

Uploading and embedding to Tigertube

To upload a video to Tigertube watch the video below:

Short version - Embedding a Tigertube video

Know how to upload? Watch the video below to learn how to embed a TigerTube video on your blog.

Adding PDFs to a Post

If you insert a PDF file using ‘Add Media;, it only displays as a link. Here’s how to make it display with the first page as an image.

  1. Open your PDF in Preview and take a screenshot of the front page using the keyboard shortcuts Command + Shift + 4.
  2. Create a new post and click Add Media.
  3. Drag and drop both the screenshot and the PDF file to upload.
  4. Click on the PDF file and copy the URL.
  5. Click on the screenshot > select custom URL and paste the link.
  6. Click Insert into Post.
  7. Publish the post and then when people click on the image it will open the PDF. It is helpful to add some text link “Click on the image to view the PDF.” under your image.


Adding a Quicktime voice recording to your blog

If you’d like to add a voice recording to your blog you can do it using Quicktime player on a Mac (see below) If you are using an iPhone, click here.

  1. Open Quicktime Player > File> New Audio Recording2.Click the red button to start recording, tap it again to stop. (Make sure to select the right microphone and do a check recording first)3​​​​​​
  2. 3. Record your voice
  3. 4File > Save… and choose a name and location.5.Drag your file onto a blog post

6. Add an image and publish when ready7.Your voice will now be able to be played when someone views your post and taps play

Uploading WMV Audio Files to Blogs

1. Control click (right click) the .wmv file and go Open With>Quicktime Player. (Quicktime will then convert the file)

2. Once the file is converted and opened, from the top menu go Export>Audio Only>Save

3. A dialogue screen will pop up as in the diagram. Choose Use .m4a (and check where it is exporting to)

4. The new file will be called <file name> (Converted) Upload this one to the blog.