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Elementary School Design

Why teach design?

Design is a weekly specialist class for grades 2-5 students. Design helps prepare students for a volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous future. The design cycle teaches students to engage with problems, needs, or wants; develop a plan of action; create a prototype or product; evaluate what they make, and then seek to improve upon it.  

Throughout the design cycle students develop their thinking, self-management, social, research, and communication skills. You can find out more about each stage of the process in the boxes below. 


Inquire and Develop Create and Evaluate




We believe design should connect, inspire, challenge and make a difference. It will do this by: 

  • Providing a balance of authentic, experiential physical and digital projects. 
  • Integrating with units of inquiry (transdisciplinary). 
  • Teaching responsible use of a range of physical and digital skills. 
  • Being transparent to all stakeholders. 
  • Using design thinking and the WAB design process. 
  • Being inclusive of all abilities, genders and nationalities. 
  • Preparing students for MYP design.

Key Skills