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ES Design: Grade 2

Grade 2 Design

How we organise ourselves

Central Idea: Technology impacts how people work together and connect with each other.

Essential Question: How can photos be used to tell a story?

Focus: Digital Design - Photography

Major project: Photo Storybook

Minor projects: Photo stories

Students will:

  • Practice holding the iPad correctly when taking a photo.
  • Use the Camera app correctly (focus and zoom).
  • Use the Photos app to review photos, delete and favorite photos.
  • Use perspective (worm's eye, bird's eye) and framing (far, full, close up).





Who we are

Central Idea: People are responsible for their choices.

Essential Question: Why is contrast important?

Focus: Digital Design - Graphic Design

Major project: Persuasive Posters

Students will:

  • Analyse and identify key featurs of persuasive posters.
  • Use contrast (size, color and font) to highlight a title and message
  • Use repetition of color, shapes and font.
  • Create a poster using the Pic Collage app.

How we express ourselves

Central Idea: Voice can inspire change.

Essential Question: What is the relationship between characters and story?

Focus: Physical Design - Sewing

Major project: Sock puppet

Minor projects: Felt pocket

Students will:

  • Safely use a sewing needle.
  • Safely use fabric scissors.
  • Thread a needle and tie a knot.
  • Use a loop stitch to fasten pieces of fabric.
  • Use a loop stitch to fasten a button.
  • Cut the thread and tie it off.

Where we are in place and time

Central Idea: Curiosity can inspire exploration.

Essential Question: How can we make cardboard move?

Focus: Physical Design - Cardboard construction

Major project: Moving diorama

Minor projects: Automaton

Students will:

  • Safely cut cardboard with a MakeDo Safe saw
  • Fasten cardboard with an efficient amount of tape.
  • Create a mechanism using an axel, cam, and bearing.
  • Design a stage using craft materials.

Sharing the planet

Central Idea: Living things adapt.

Essential Question: How can we control robots?

Focus: Digital Design - Coding

Major project: BeeBot Mazes

Minor projects: BeeBot Challenges

Students will:

  • Create algorithms using movement command cards.
  • Program their robots using their code.
  • Debug their code using the cards if needed.

How the World Works

Central Idea: Forces have an effect on people and objects. 

Essential Question: How can design changes affect performance?

Focus: Physical Design - Design Cycle

Major project: Sail Cars

Students will:

  • Use the design cycle to create a sail car.
  • Create a plan for a sail.
  • Construct a sail using paper, tape, and straws.
  • Test the sail and evaluate its performance.
  • Modify the sail to improve performance.