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ES Design: Grade 4

Grade 4 Design

How we organise ourselves

Central Idea: Economic decisions have consequences for others and the environment

Essential question: How can unused materials be upcycled to promote sustainability?

Focus: Physical Design - Sewing

Major project: It's Not a Shirt!

Minor projects: Pin cushion

Students will:

  • Safely use pins to secure fabric.
  • Safely use a needle and thread to sew two pieces of fabric together.
  • Safely use fabric scissors.
  • Use a running stitch to fasten pieces of fabric.
  • Create and follow a plan.

How the World Works

Central Idea: Purpose impacts design.

Essential question: How can a product be designed to fit it's purpose?

Focus: Physical Design - Cardboard construction

Major project: Boats

Minor projects: Mouse house

Students will:

  • Use a Makedo Safe saw to cut cardboard.
  • Use tape to efficiently fasten cardboard.
  • Follow a plan.
  • Measure accurately.

Who we are

Central Idea: Our bodies rely on interdependent systems.

Essential question: How do the different parts of a system work together to create a whole?

Focus: Digital Design - Video (animation)

Major project: Body system animations

Minor projects: Animate a story

Students will:

  • Use build-in, action, and build-out animations in Keynote.
  • Use contrast and alignment.
  • Use shapes and drawings to model a body system.
  • Use build order to control timings and order of animations.

How we express ourselves

Central Idea: Media is a tool that influences the decisions people make.

Essential question: How can video be used to persuade others?

Focus: Digital Design - Video

Major project: WABTV Public Service Announcements

Minor projects: Caring is... videos

Students will:

  • Use framing and perspective.
  • Record clear vocal audio.
  • Use a soundtrack that adds to the message.
  • Use build order to control timings and order of animations.

Where we are in place and time

Central Idea: Cities change in response to a variety of influences.

Essential question: How can code be used to change robot behavior?

Focus: Digital Design - Coding

Major project: mBot Maze competition

Minor projects: mBlockly Challenges

Students will:

  • Construct a mBot robot.
  • Use movement, show (lights and sound), control (repeat, if then) and sensor commands.