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WAB Faculty & Staff

Growth Model at WAB: Funding

Effective Professional Learning has a positive impact on our students, our school and ourselves. 

Opportunities at WAB range from WAB Labs, WAB Reads and professional consultants to teacher-directed professional development and further study. Alongside the strategic professional development brought in to the school, WAB Faculty and Teaching Staff/TA's have access to personal and discretionary PD funding to help shape our own professional growth. If you need clarification contact your coordinator or line manager. 

Important Notes 2022-23

  • Approval must be granted before any spending. This is important for accounting.  

  • Due to Covid-related restrictions and complications, international travel for PD will not be approved in 2021-22. Local travel remains complex, and should be minimized.   

  • Due to coverage limitations, we cannot guarantee PD days for attendance in online events or workshops. For your case, if needed, please discuss with your Principal, before submitting the application. 

  • Faculty are responsible for making their own arrangements for PD. If you need help in registering or paying for an event, please see your coordinator. 

Personal PD Funding

All Faculty & Staff have access to a Personal PD allowance of ¥2,500 per year. 


  1. Complete the first page of the WAB PD Funding Request
  2. Receive a written approval by email or Teams. 
  3. Register for PD and keep receipts. 
  4. Complete the PD. 
  5. Submit receipts, attached to approval email, to Sarah Luo in Finance, using a claim form. 

With this process, the timeline for approval of low-cost PD can be quicker, without the need to wait for (or use the time of) sectional PD committees. 

Personal PD Funding could be used for: 

  • Online courses, seminars, webinars, conferences or workshops. 
  • Reading materials or professional subscriptions
  • Connecting with consultants or external experts
  • Other uses

Make sure to check with your curriculum coordinator before spending. Our well-resourced libraries can also support your professional learning. 

Discretionary PD Funding

Faculty & Staff can apply for funding beyond the Personal PD Allowance, up to maximum of ¥12,000 per application. 

  • As this is drawn from shared funds, it needs to be justified and checked before approval. 
  • Personal PD funds will be used before drawing from shared funds .


  1.  Complete the full two-page WAB PD Funding Request Form.  
    • As you complete the form, it is a good idea to check with your coordinator or learning leader
  2. Wait for the PD committee to meet before spending. 
  3. Receive a written approval by email, from the PD committee, if approved.
    • If not approved, the reply will indicate reason(s).  
  4. Register for PD and keep receipts. 
  5. Complete the PD. 
  6. Submit receipts, attached to approval email, to accounting, using a claim form. 

Note for Departing Faculty & Staff

Departing Faculty & Staff have access to the RMB¥2,500 personal PD allowance throughout the year. They will not be approved for discretionary PD funding in the second semester of their final year.