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WAB Faculty & Staff

Professional Growth at WAB: Representing WAB

WAB Champions Its Staff

WAB Champions Its Staff is one of our Philosophy statements, and one way to demonstrate this is to support WAB Faculty & Staff who share our school’s work in conferences and events, as workshop leaders or presenters. WAB representation in events supports WAB's philosophy of sharing our learnings with other schools. 


What Does it Mean to Represent WAB?  

  • Presenting WAB work on behalf of the school at conferences or events (round tables, in special working groups, etc.).  

  • Joining a conference/workshop/event connected to our school wide goals to present WAB’s work and learn from others working towards similar goals.  

  • Writing an article for a professional publication.  

  • Speaking on a podcast or interview. 

  • Telling the story of WAB’s work beyond WAB’s walls.  

  • Being on different educational boards.  


How Will We Support This?  

  • Any financial aid, over the PD request limit, up to the total cost of participation, upon approval by sectional SELT or supervisor.  

  • WAB-branded materials for presentations and media.  

  • Feedback on writing for articles or presentations. 

  • Support with rehearsal or preparation for the presentation, including rehearsals.  

  • PD release day(s) as appropriate to the event or work.  


What Does it Mean to Represent WAB at an Event?  

When someone is representing WAB at an event, they are the face and voice of the school, advocating for our school and work we do. Therefore is it is important that they:  

  • Are knowledgeable about the work they are presenting and the goals and approaches of our school as a whole.  

  • Demonstrate excellent conduct throughout the event.  

  • Make connections and gather resources that are useful to supporting our work. (Find presenters who could present back at WAB or at FOENN) 

WAB representatives might be asked to attend particular sessions, gather information or meet people at the event, in order to represent others who are not able to attend.  


How Do I Become a WAB Representative? 

  • Identify an area and/or event where you are particularly experienced, skilled or knowledgeable. 

  • Understand fully the time commitment, expectations, and details regarding the event and the preparation leading up to the event.  

  • Connect with your Coordinator or Supervisor for a conversation about your application.  


Other Considerations 

  • Be mindful of travel, visa and coverage required for the trip.  

  • It is reasonable to expect that presenter registration is fully covered or heavily discounted by the organizers. Please check on this.  

  • Conferences and events should make an effort to ensure that panels and presenter lists are diverse and representative of the international community. Consider asking how they will ensure this in your communications with them.  

  • How do we balance representation across divisions? 

  • How do we organize leadership (SELT/SLT) representation/presence at different global conferences/learning opportunities? 

  • How will the focus topics for representation be determined? 

  • How do we “audit” what is being presented under the WAB Brand? 


Useful Links to Bookmark 

These links can be shared with participants in sessions, so they can better understand WAB: