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WAB Faculty & Staff

G08: Design Graphic Design: Adobe illustrator Tutorials

00- Opening Adobe Illustrator

03 Gradients and Fill types Ai

06-Layers and Groups

08-Aligning Objects

10-Using the Pen Tool

12b-Pen Challenge (Medium)

15-Advanced Vector Challenge

17-Advanced Vector Effects

01 Getting to Know Adobe CC

04-Direct Selection Tool

07a-Portrait Challenge 1

09-Creating Complex Shapes

11-Importing and Exporting

12c-Pen Challenge (Advanced)

15-Pencil Tool

18-Clipping Masks

02 Creating simple shapes

05-Creating and editing Lines

07b-Portrait Challenge 2

09b-Complex Shape Challenge

12a-Pen Challenge (Beginner)

14-Recreate Logo Challenge

16-Knife, Eraser and Scissors

19- Recolour Artwork Tool