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MS Read: Book Trailers

Books and resources for middle school

Book Trailers are a great way to promote the reading of books you love that may be unknown to your friends. In order to promote our Panda Books we have a Book Trailer Competition. Every book trailer submitted gets 15 points for you / your group. In addition the best three trailers get the following prizes:

  • 1st Prize - US$ 30 worth of books
  • 2nd Prize - US$ 20 worth of books
  • 3rd Prize - US$ 10 worth of books


  • The Trailer must be for one of the 16 books in Panda Madness
  • 30 to 90 seconds in length maximum.
  • Trailer should ‘hook’ the reader and get them interested in the book!
  • Trailer may include details about the plot and characters but no spoilers.
  • Format must be mp4 (other formats will NOT be accepted.  
  • All text is easy to read.
  • All essential information is included (title, author and illustrator).
  • Content must have a good connection to the story.
  • Work is neat and reflects knowledge of the book.
  • Images from the internet must be given credit by listing the URL at the end of the trailer.
  • Must include acknowledgements at the end (your name/s)
  • All music, images and sources are cited (hint – use NoodleTools) and all copyrighted material and contributors are acknowledged, identified and material is used with permission or within the scope of Chinese copyright regulations.

How to make a movie trailer

2021 submissions

Examples of Book Trailers

book trailers

City of Ember - two examples