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WAB Learns

MS Read: Kids Read 2022

Books and resources for middle school

Kids Read 2022 Books


pile of booksWe have selected ten genres, and six books within each genre.  And we now have fourteen schools participating in this year's Kids Read competition!

Participating schools:

  • Western Academy of Beijing
  • International School of Beijing
  • Keystone Academy
  • International school of Qingdao
  • Teda International School
  • Beijing World Youth Academy
  • Yantai Huasheng International School
  • Tianjin International School
  • Dalian American International School
  • International School of Nanshan Shenzen
  • Wahaha International School Hangzhou
  • Shanghai Soon Ching Ling School
  • Nanjing International School
  • Daystar Academy


  • Join the Kids Read ASA 
  • Read as many of the books on the list as possible
  • Take part in the activities and quizzes along the way,
  • if you want you can do this just for fun, or you can join our team to compete
  • Our top 8 readers will form 2 teams of 4 students to take part in the quiz bowl in February 2022 at Western Academy of Beijing

Categories and Books 2022

Title    Author    Category
A wish in the Dark     Christina Soontornvat    Panda Books
Show Me a Sign     Ann Clare LeZotte    Panda Books
Peter Lee's Notes from the Field    Angela Ahn    Panda Books
Wink     Rob Harrell     Panda Books
White Fox     Jiatong Chen     Panda Books
The surprising power of a good dumpling     Wai Chim     Panda Books
Undercover robot     David Edmonds     Books for the Funny Bone (Humorous)
Fly on the wall     Remy Lai     Books for the Funny Bone (Humorous)
The Field Guide to the North American Teenager    Ben Philippe    Books for the Funny Bone (Humorous)
Stand up, Yumi Chung!    Jessica Kim    Books for the Funny Bone (Humorous)
My life as a potato    Arianne Costner    Books for the Funny Bone (Humorous)
The gifted, the talented and me     William Sutcliffe    Books for the Funny Bone (Humorous)
Rise of the Red Hand     Olivia Chadha     Another World (Dystopian/Science Fiction)
Game Changer     Neal Shusterman     Another World (Dystopian/Science Fiction)
The Middler     Kirsty Applebaum     Another World (Dystopian/Science Fiction)
The Quiet at the End of the World     Laurne James    Another World (Dystopian/Science Fiction)
Generation One     Pittacus Lore     Another World (Dystopian/Science Fiction)
The Lion of Mars     Jennifer Holm     Another World (Dystopian/Science Fiction)
The Golden Tresses of the Dead    Alan Bradley     Whodunit? (Mystery/Detective)
Tornado Brain     Cat Patrick     Whodunit? (Mystery/Detective)
Cream buns and crime    Robin Stevens    Whodunit? (Mystery/Detective)
One of Us is Next     Karen M. McManus     Whodunit? (Mystery/Detective)
Spy Camp (Spy School #2)     Stuart Gibbs     Whodunit? (Mystery/Detective)
From the Desk of Zoe Washington    Janae Marks     Whodunit? (Mystery/Detective)
Took     Mary Downing Hahn     YIKES!!! (Horror/Suspense)
The Ash House,     Walker, Angharad     YIKES!!! (Horror/Suspense)
The Ghost Tree     Christina Henry     YIKES!!! (Horror/Suspense)
Harrow Lake     Kat Ellis     YIKES!!! (Horror/Suspense)
The Mulberry Tree     Allison Rush     YIKES!!! (Horror/Suspense)
Mondays are Murder     Tanya Landman     YIKES!!! (Horror/Suspense)
The book of dragons : an anthology     edited by Jonathan Strahan    Wee Bitties (Short Stories)
Parkland speaks     edited by Sarah Lerner     Wee Bitties (Short Stories)
Too Small Tola     Atinuke     Wee Bitties (Short Stories)
Look Both Ways     Jason Reynolds     Wee Bitties (Short Stories)
Together Apart    Erin A. Craig    Wee Bitties (Short Stories)
Once Upon an Eid    S.K. Ali     Wee Bitties (Short Stories)
Catherine's war     Julia Billet     We are the World (Diversity)
No ballet shoes in Syria     Catherine Bruton     We are the World (Diversity)
A place at the table     Saadia Faruqi & Laura Shovan     We are the World (Diversity)
They Both Die at the End     Sandie Angulo Chen     We are the World (Diversity)
When Stars are Scattered     Victoria Jamieson & Omar Mohamed     We are the World (Diversity)
A Good Kind of Trouble    Lisa Moore Ramee     We are the World (Diversity)
Earth Heroes     Lily Dyu     True!
Alphamaniacs     Paul Fleishman     True!
The Racers     Neal Bascomb     True!
This is your brain on stereotypes     Tanya Lloyd Kyi, Drew Shannon.     True!
Every Falling Star    Sungju Lee     True!
Free Lunch    Rex Ogle    True!
The short knife     Elen Caldecott.     Historically not true  (Historical Fiction)
Lifeboat 12 : based on a true story     Susan Hood.     Historically not true  (Historical Fiction)
Girls on the Line     Jennie Liu     Historically not true  (Historical Fiction)
All he knew     Helen Frost.     Historically not true  (Historical Fiction)
Prairie Lotus     Linda Sue Park     Historically not true  (Historical Fiction)
Trowbridge Road    Marcella Pixley     Historically not true  (Historical Fiction)
Forward me back to you     Mitali Perkins    REALLY not true  (Realistic Fiction)
Dry     Neal Shusterman     REALLY not true  (Realistic Fiction)
Any Day with You     Mae Respicio     REALLY not true  (Realistic Fiction)
Efrén Divided     Ernesto Cisneros     REALLY not true  (Realistic Fiction)
We dream of Space     Erin Entrada Kelly     REALLY not true  (Realistic Fiction)
The Contender     Robert Lipsyte     REALLY not true  (Realistic Fiction)

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Our Philosophy and Purpose
The purpose of KIDS READ is to foster a love of reading, to encourage young people to explore all genres of literature, and to broaden their range of authors from around the world. The focus of the quiz is children’s literature – from nursery rhymes and picture books, classic children’s titles to contemporary titles that are suitable for and interesting to 11 to 14 year olds.

The spirit of KIDS READ is to try and involve all students in this literary experience, whether they have been keen on books from early on, have only just discovered the joy of reading, or are reluctant to open a book.
KIDS READ provides a solid reading program as all genres of literature can be explored. KIDS READ can contribute greatly to a library program and its collections.


Although KIDS READ is a competitive activity, which culminates in the China Finals, the onus is on the students’ individual journey and discovery of literature.