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MS Read: Kids Read 2023

Books and resources for middle school

About Kids Read

The purpose of KIDS READ is to foster a love of reading, to encourage young people to explore all genres of literature, and enjoy a wide range of books written by authors around the world. 
The spirit of KIDS READ is to try and involve students in this literary experience.
From nursery rhymes, picture books to classic children’s titles and contemporary titles, suitable for students aged 11-14 years. 

Although KIDS READ is a competitive activity, students will enjoy the group and individual journey and the joy of reading.

Kids Read 2023 Booklist

Luna Wang

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Luna Wang

How to participate?

  • Read as many of the books on the list as possible.

  • Generate 10 questions from the book you read.

  • Take part in the activities and quizzes along the way.

  • Don't want to join the competition? Sure, no problem, you can join this activity just for fun, enjoy the books!

  • The Final Competition will be held at Tsinghua International School in Spring 2023.

  • Have better ideas to run the Kids Read activity? You are welcome to share your ideas with the teacher-librarian Ms. Luna Wang.


Kids Read 2023 Books