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A0 Go Summer!: Challenge!

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Want to feel like you've accomplished something special during the summer vacation? Why not try some of these challenges, online camps, mind expanding resources or service projects online?

Earth School

TED Education

7BillionIdeas HomeHack

7billionideas is now offering HomeHack to all schools in the ECIS network. It is a 4 day online digital course in which students turn a homegrown idea into a world changing product, and we’ve worked with them to offer your parents a discount on the course. It’s a great opportunity for you to demonstrate your continuing support for students during this challenging time.

What is HomeHack about?

The course is for students aged between 10-18 and embeds an entrepreneurial skillset – curiosity, creativity, and innovation. ECIS have partnered with 7billionideas because HomeHack approaches entrepreneurial skills in new and unexpected ways. Using concepts from Science, Maths, Business and English lessons in the design, marketing, and planning of their product. You can learn more by watching the video below.

How does it work?

The course is delivered online through 30+ live facilitated webinars, delivered by trained 7billionideas facilitators who will be on hand to inspire your students and explain key entrepreneurial concepts to them. Students will always have an opportunity to ask questions and get help if needed. Students complete 12 engaging activities which leads your students through the development of their idea into a prototype, and then into a product. HomeHack covers topics such as team building, pitching, design, ideation, and more. At the end of the course, your child will have created an incredible product and business plan for taking it to market!

Why should students take part?

HomeHack teaches the skillset that best prepares your child to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Did you know that 85% of the jobs in 2030 are yet to exist? Developing an entrepreneurial skillset is key for students of all ages. It’s also a great way for them to take advantage of this time period by learning key skills such as time keeping and digital communication.

When is it?

The course will run throughout the summer months from the week commencing 29 June.

How much will it cost parents?

HomeHack is parent paid and costs £80 per student per course. In countries outside the UK, this amount is converted at checkout. Using code ‘ECIS’ your parents will be able to get a 50% discount on the list price.

Race & Diversity

Challenge your ideas and knowledge on Race and Diversity in a number of ways.

(Virtual) Summer Camps

Environment and SDGs

Online Board Games