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A0 Go Summer!: Move!

WAB's Super Summer Resources

Summer is a great time to get fit or hone your skills in a particular sport or activity - or even just to read up about your favourite sport personalities. What action challenges will you take on?


A Little History:

Last year the HS PHE program teamed up with Sworkit to help students create their own fitness plan and access programmed fitness sessions outside of class. They provided us 400 accounts for the year, and we used them during class, for some pollution days, and for some ASAs.


What about now?

As the school has moved to online learning for an extended period of time, we contacted Sworkit to see if they would be able to help our community in this time of displacement. And they came through in a big way! Sworkit has issued 2,500 free codes for members of the WAB community (students and staff). Basically, if you have a WAB email account, you have access to a free Sworkit account for a year!


Two Different Platforms:

ES aged students would most likely use the Sworkit Kids APP (which is already free).

MS/HS students and staff have access to the main Sworkit APP and platform by accessing this link.


Just create an account with your WAB email… and you are ready to go!


Say Thanks!

As a thank you for this service, we can share pictures and comments at:

Instagram: @sworkit //

Twitter: @sworkit //

Facebook: @sworkit //

using #sworkit #sworkitfitness #ilovepe #techinpe


We hope that this will give students (and parents!), teachers, and all staff a fun, engaging, and challenging way to stay healthy and fit while we are away from our lovely WAB facilities!

Staying Active