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Digital Parents: Digital Parenting

Resources to Support Parenting in the Digital Age

Parenting In The Digital Age Presents New Challenges & Opportunities

​Screentime, cellphones, social media, games and getting out of our depth. As kids grow up in a world dominated by technology, the challenges to parents are increasing. However, new technologies bring new opportunities, new ways of thinking and new ways for learners to become informed global citizens. With sensible, mindful and intentional practices, we can parent with a little more confidence. At WAB, we will put together some resources for parents, including newsletters & workshops, to help you stay afloat in the river of digital parenting. 

Some key principles: 

  • The best app for parenting is... parenting. 
  • We model the behaviours we want to teach.
  • Focus on wellbeing, balance and open communication. 
  • Lean on reliable resources such as Common Sense Media.

Common Sense Media: A Gold Standard In Digital-Age Parenting Resources

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