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Digital Parents: Summer Slide

Resources to Support Parenting in the Digital Age

What is the summer slide?

What makes a good list?

What makes a good summer reading list? A nice balance between:

  • Chapter books
  • Picture books (yes, even for older readers)
  • Comic books and Graphic Books
  • Nonfiction and informational texts
  • Books that are easy and books that are challenging
  • Books that make us laugh and make us think


ebooks and audiobooks

eBooks and Audiobooks on your own device can be downloaded from Sora and Overdrive. We encourage students to use Sora.

We have Kindles to loan to you, too. Books are pre-loaded. Unfortunately, we cannot load the Kindle or Audible books onto your device.

Request the ebook or Audiobook from the circulation station and we will give you the corresponding device.

SYNC - AudioBooks for Teens

Suggested Reading

First of all we would recommend listening to your child. Allow them choice in what they want to read and how to access it. Bear in mind that research seems to indicate that reading physical books is probably better, but given the travel schedule of families during summer time it probably is good to have access to eBooks and AudioBooks.

You can be creative in accessing books - visit second hand book stores, get temporary library cards or borrow from cousins and grandparents. Whatever you do, plan to succeed in keeping reading up.

Set aside family time for reading together or reading aloud with younger students (or even teens!)

Below are some links to book suggestions for students of all ages.