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Digital Parents: Voice to Text

Resources to Support Parenting in the Digital Age


Writing text can take longer than we expect, especially if we are not used to typing or are easily distracted. Using voice-to-text software (dictation) can help produce draft text quickly. ​

Grammarly - Pow!

Ready to app-smash? 

Set up dictation on your Mac, log into and get talking. If you don't have Grammarly yet, go to: and use your WAB mail

Watch the live feedback develop as you draft. 


Report Comments

Voice-to-Text (dictation) might save you time in the reporting process. 

  1. Try it out & practice to see if it works
  2. Set up a simple document for your class report comment drafts
  3. Dictate and edit
  4. When it is ready to paste in PowerSchool use COMMAND-SHIFT-V to paste without formatting
  5. CHECK! 

Download this Document

To download a copy of the document embedded on the page, look at the bottom-right corner of its box. 

Getting Going

On your Mac, go to Settings --> Keyboard*

  • Dictation “On”
  • Select your language
    • For English get closest to your accent
  • Use “Enhanced Dictation”
    • First time will take some time to download

Let the Fn Fn begin!

To start dictating, put the cursor in a text box on any programme and hit “fn fn”. You need to be in a quiet place with the microphone and speaker on.

  • It takes a moment to get ready. Say an intro sentence to get it warmed up. When it starts typing, it is ready.
  • Say “stop dictation” to end.


*On older Macs, these settings are in System Preferences --> Dictation & Speech


OneDrive Tutorial below. To download a copy in Word or as pdf, look at the little icons bottom-right.