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Digital Parents: Setting up a device (ES)

Resources to Support Parenting in the Digital Age

Setting Up a Device for Remote Learning

This guide will help you set up a device for your child's remote learning if you are:

  • Completing soft quarantine transition (SQT) 
  • Continuing remote learning after returning the school iPad.

Students use an iPad for learning in the elementary school at WAB. If you don't have a personal iPad, you can access the core apps for remote learning on any device (phone, tablet or computer) using a web browser.

If you need any assistance, please contact our IT helpdesk via WeChat or email (

Connect to Wifi

The first thing you should do with any device is to connect it to the Wi-Fi network you are using. Depending on your situation, you could be using:

  • Home or hotel wifi
  • 4G/5G mobile data using mobile phone hot spot

Connecting to wifi is similar on most devices and is required for all our core remote learning applications.












Essential Apps for Remote Learning

There are two main applications that your child will need access to for remote learning:

  • Microsoft Teams - For video meetings and text-based chat with teachers. Click here for our Teams student guide.
  • Toddle Student - For accessing video meeting links, assigned learning tasks and submitting work.
    • Click here for our Toddle Student Guide (EY)
    • Click here for our Toddle Student Guide (JG1-G5)



  • 微软Teams软件——用于视频会议和与教师的文本聊天。点击这里查看我们的Teams学生指南。
  • Toddle学生版-用于访问视频会议链接,分配学习任务和提交工作。
    • EY(幼儿园)——点击这里查看中文操作指南
    • JG1-G5(1-5年级)——点击这里查看操作指南





Useful iPad Apps for Creating

Book Creator - Great for creating digital books, drawing, and recording voice over images.
Pic Edu - An excellent photo collage maker.
Keynote - Create presentations, animations, posters
iMovie - Create simple movies with titles using clips recorded with the camera.


How to connect to wifi

Install Essential Apps

Need IT support?

Scan the QR code below to contact the WAB IT support team.