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WAB Faculty & Staff

Student EdTech: Remote Learning


Here are some instructions and advice on where to go and what to use for online learning. 

Why is my microphone not working?

There are a number of reasons why your microphone may not be working. Please check each of these before you contact the help desk:

1. Make sure your system preferences are correct

  • Input micGo to system preferences
  • Click on "sound"
  • Select "internal microphone"
  • Test it by speaking near to your computer
  • If that works you're ok, if it doesn't work we need to go to the next step.



2. Check your system privacyundefined

  • Go to system preferences
  • Select privacy
  • Select Microphone.
  • Select the checkbox next to an app (e.g. Teams) to allow it to access the microphone.
  • Deselect the checkbox to turn off access for that app.


3. Switch on Dictationundefined

  • Go to System Preferences 
  • Click on Keyboard 
  • The last tab is Dictation, click on it
  • Select On: Now this should download the relevant files to make the microphone work. 

This is an extremely useful tool to help with writing when you get tired!


4. Check the settings in Teams Teams Audio

  • Click your profile picture at the top of Teams
  • Choose Settings > Devices
  • Under Audio devices, pick the speaker and mic you want teams to use.

How do I log into Education Perfect?

When you get to Education Perfect you MUST log in using your school name!

How to do an assignment in Teams

If you "CAN"T WRITE" on your student copy of the template in Assignment. 
 There are two different ways to "EDIT DOCUMENT"  (Thank you to Mrs. Garretson for these examples)


How to Save your document after you've worked in it:


Why can't I get into FlipGrid?

If you're having problems signing into FlipGrid please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have Chrome or Edge as your browser not Safari
  2. Make sure you're signing in using the RED "Log in with Microsoft" microsoft button
  3. Make sure you're using your school email and password
  4. After it says "Login successful!" wait a few minutes - the first time it can take a minute or two to connect you to the grid
  5. If you get the error message "Your educator has not allowed emails ending with to join this Grid" - click on the "Remember Me" box and then "Log in with Microsoft" and continue with your school email and password.


You can change your profile picture AFTER you've posted your first video.


How to use Sora on your mobile Device

SORA on your iPhone / Android device

You can use the OverDrive app to borrow and enjoy digital titles from your library or school. The OverDrive app is available for Android and iOS.

Step 1: 

Download the app from your device's app store.

iTunes (needs a VPN)

Google Play

Step 2:

  • Open the Sora app.  Choose: Find my school.
  • Choose Western Academy of Beijing  
  • Choose either Western Academy of Beijing (for students) or WAB Parent Login
  • Sign in with your WAB login.
    •  Students and staff: Use the part of your email address BEFORE the   (e.g.18ianj)
    •  Parents use your parent portal login email and the password:  wabtiger.

You now have access to the WAB OverDrive / Sora catalogue and can start borrowing books!

How do I download Teams?

I have a new computer what must I do?

Here are the IT recommendations for new computers:

In your current computer make sure all your files are backed up to OneDrive - instructions here. First of all, the school image package for students is too big to transfer to your laptop remotely, and not all the software will be used in the current situation. (We can choose to install it after we are back on campus).

The most useful items:

1. The Programs/Software
   a. Browser: Google Chrome, Safari
   b. Microsoft Office package(word, excel, PPT, Teams, OneDrive, etc.). How to download/install Office will be shown on the bottom.
   c. Team Viewer. Please check the attached instruction about how to use Team Viewer from Ms. Nadine.

2. Main Websites' address

WAB bookmarks

Ask your IT department for the WAB bookmarks file and instructions on how to import bookmark file to different browsers.

How to download/install Office Package?

  1. Open a browser, visit, log in with your school account.
  2. Follow the video named "Office" that IT support will send you to download the installer and wait until it finished.
  3. Double click the installer, follow the "next" steps until it finished. An administrator account is required.
  4. In the Application folder, open word or excel, sign in with your school account, the whole Office license will be activated.
  5. Ready to use.

Where do I find Passwords?

Please log into the document below with your WAB email and password. Let us know if there is a password you need not included.

How do I use Epic Books?

Sign in to Newsela

You can sign in to Newsela through Clever using your school email account.


I can't sign into NoodleTools

2. Make sure you sign into OFFICE 365

3. If you have any other NoodleTools tabs open in your Browser close them.


Noodletools sign in O365


Please read this very carefully it is a guide to posting to online discussions. 

In addition we would like you to respect the following norms during video chats:

  • Pause before you respond to make sure your classmate or teacher has finished talking
  • Blur your background so that you have privacy while online
  • Ensure that you have someone else in the room with you when talking to a teacher online, this can be a parent, guardian or older sibling.
  • Be polite and kind, respect yourself, respect others and respect the online environment.
  • If you want to call a particular person's attention to something you post, put an @ with their name/email before you post.