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Student EdTech: J1T2: Team Channels


Using teams can be quite overwhelming in the beginning.

Today we are going to show you a few ways to make sure you only see the information you need, and that you don't miss out on important notifications.

Show Channels

The first thing you may want to do is to make sure you can see all the channels of the classes you're in.

Sometimes in a team, channels are hidden as you can see below. 

  1. Press on the > sign and you'll see all the hidden channels
  2. Select your class or homeroom
  3. Click on the eye to show the channels you want to see


Hide Channels

Sometimes your team has too many channels and there are channels you're not part of. 

In that case you need to "hide" the channels

  1. Go to the channel you don't want to see
  2. Click on the ...
  3. Select Hide
  4. Repeat for all the channels you don't want to see

Channel Notifications

If you are getting too many notifications in your Activity or Feed section you can make adjustments to see just what you need to see in the following way.

Adjust Notifications

  1. Go to the channel that you're getting messages 
  2. Click on the 3 dots ...
  3. Select Channel Notifications
  4. Click on "Custom"
  5. You can now adjust your notifications for Posts and for Mentions


Adjust Post Notifications

Posts are the information that is put into a channel such as an announcement or conversation. 

  1. For all channels in a team that you do not need to get notified, turn this to "Off" - example you are in G8.1 and the channel is for G8.2-G8.6)
  2. If you select "Banner and feed" every time there is a post, you'll get a notification pop-up on your computer AND the post will appear in your Feed in Teams - use this only for very important channels where you want to be interrupted on your laptop when you're doing something else
  3. If you select "Only show in feed" it will only show in the feed at the top of teams in activity - this you should use for most of your teams


Adjust "Channel Mentions"

This will impact how you receive notifications if your channel is mentioned in a conversation or announcement - the options and procedures are the same as above. 

Banner and feed will send notifications to your device and to Activity at the top left of the Teams app.
Feed will skip sending notifications to your desktop and will only show up in your activity feed.
Want fewer notifications from a channel? You can turn them off from here as well.


Check your notifications!

Now that you're only receiving the notifications that are important to YOU, please make sure that you check those notifications a couple of times a day.

We would suggest the following times;

  • During Homeroom check in first thing in the morning (with your mentor permission)
  • At the start of Mentor time (with your mentor permission)
  • At home before you start your homework

The goal is to have a clean activity feed and have taken action on all the items required of you each day. 

Please read the messages carefully as some require action on your part. It is polite to use an emoji to confirm you've seen / acted on the notification.

You may be required to:

  • Attend a meeting (make sure it's in your calendar)
  • Understand what learning is happening that week
  • Do an assignment
  • Fill in a form
  • Read information and follow some steps
  • Put something in your agenda to do at home

In any event, teachers will not post a notification unless it's important!