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Student EdTech: J1T3: Activate NoodleTools

Introduction: Noodle Tools

NoodleToolsAt WAB we expect that every student respects the work of others. Academic Honesty is an expectation.

In order to help everyone with citing and referencing their sources we use an application called NoodleTools. This is the only tool we use in Middle School and it is the expectation that all assignments that use sources or materials created by other people and used in research, inquiry or investigation is referenced properly.

NoodleTools was chosen because:

  • It guides students through the referencing process with tips and information
  • Teachers can follow the research process through the project in-box
  • NoodleTools is an independent vendor that does not steal student data or attempt to sell them products and services.


Activate / Reactivate your NoodleTools account

Each year your work in NoodleTools is archived and you start a new set of projects. In order for this to happen you need to ACTIVATE your NoodleTools account.

Follow these steps:

  1. Sign into NoodleTools - very important! You need to sign in using Microsoft!
  2. Enter your school email
  3. Enter your school email password

NoodleTools Sign in  noodletools password

Activate and update your account

  1. Choose Western Academy of Beijing Middle School - if you are in Grade 6 you will need to change your account from Elementary School to Middle School.
  2. Put in your Graduation Year (hint - it's the first 2 numbers in your email - so if your email starts with 28 your graduation year is 2028)
  3. Select "save profile"

Noodletools profile