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Student EdTech: Voice to Text


Writing text can take longer than we expect, especially if we are not used to typing or are easily distracted. Using voice-to-text software (dictation) can help produce draft text quickly. ‚Äč

Grammarly - Pow!

Ready to app-smash? 

Set up dictation on your Mac, log into and get talking. If you don't have Grammarly yet, go to: and use your WAB mail

Watch the live feedback develop as you draft. 


Report Comments

Voice-to-Text (dictation) might save you time in the reporting process. 

  1. Try it out & practice to see if it works
  2. Set up a simple document for your class report comment drafts
  3. Dictate and edit
  4. When it is ready to paste in PowerSchool use COMMAND-SHIFT-V to paste without formatting
  5. CHECK! 

Download this Document

To download a copy of the document embedded on the page, look at the bottom-right corner of its box. 

Getting Going

On your Mac, go to Settings --> Keyboard*

  • Dictation “On”
  • Select your language
    • For English get closest to your accent
  • Use “Enhanced Dictation”
    • First time will take some time to download

Let the Fn Fn begin!

To start dictating, put the cursor in a text box on any programme and hit “fn fn”. You need to be in a quiet place with the microphone and speaker on.

  • It takes a moment to get ready. Say an intro sentence to get it warmed up. When it starts typing, it is ready.
  • Say “stop dictation” to end.


*On older Macs, these settings are in System Preferences --> Dictation & Speech


OneDrive Tutorial below. To download a copy in Word or as pdf, look at the little icons bottom-right.